Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pardon my rant...

But seriously...I was having a good day/evening until about 45 minutes ago. But first, let me rewind and provide some background information.

Yesterday, Sioux Falls experienced our first snowfall (I mean we only got an inch or so, but still). It made the roads pretty slick and even the plows came out for the first time this winter season. My brother Josh returned to Iowa State on Sunday and since he's a freshman, my parents did not allow for him to bring his truck with him...so it sits in front of our house. Well, in fact, Josh last parked it in front of our neighbors house and the tail end was partially hanging over their third stall driveway. So last night, post-work and post-dinner, I was going to the gym when I suggested to my parents that I should just drive Josh's truck to the gym and then re-park it in front of our house upon my return. Dad thought this was a good idea. Mom didn't comment. So that's what I did.

Fast forward to this evening in which I was departing for the gym again (post-work, post-dinner). This time, I didn't say anything about driving Josh's truck, but I figured it would do some good to drive it a couple miles every day since it's starting to get frigid cold around these parts. So I drive it to the gym, work out, and begin to drive to Hy-Vee to pick up some Special K cereal and yogurt. Then....I see flashing lights behind me. Perfect.

I knew I wasn't speeding. Ever since I got a whopper of a fine in Indiana, I've decided to reign in my speed so I was thinking "ummm....okay dude. lets see what you got." As it turns out, one of the truck's headlights was out. Awesome. (After hearing this, I did recall overhearing a conversation between Josh and my parents about said headlight...but heck, it's not my car, I don't have to take care of it). THEN he asked for proof of insurance for the truck. Great. Now I have to dig through my brother's mess of a truck for an insurance card. Well I happened to find two cards...both of which were expired. Again, thanks Josh for being responsible. So I tried to explain to the cop that it's the same insurance policy, it's not my truck, I'm sure the current card is at home. He asks me to call my parents. Excellent. So I call. Mom's not too happy about having to drive to Hy-Vee and bring the updated insurance card...but alas, she gets in the car, sans cell phone. The cop tells me to wave out my window to the patrol car when I get a hold of my parents, so I foolishly lean out the truck window and wave. Patrolman comes up...I inform him that my mom has the updated card and she's coming to drop it off. Cop: "Oh there's no need for that I guess. I'll just give you a warning for a burned out headlight and failure to show proof of insurance." Me (in my head): "Seriously dude? Do you have any idea how crabby my mom's going to be?" Me (actually): "Thank you, sir." So then I frantically call home, and Dad tells me that Mom already left and she didn't bring her cell phone.

End of Scene. Close Curtain.

Curtain Up. Mom arrives.

I get out of the truck and grab the card from my mom, who is obviously wondering where the squad car is. I tell her that they no longer needed to see the card and that I tried calling her but she had already left. THEN she proceeds to lecture me about how I'm going to have to pay my brother for gas. Why yes Mom, I'll be sure to give Josh $3 for the 5 miles that I've driven his truck over the past two days. Let me also note that Josh doesn't even pay for his own gas...my parents do! Ugh so frustrating.

When I returned home, neither one of my parents asked if I got a ticket. It would've been even better if I did...nothing like getting a ticket for a burned out headlight on a vehicle that I usually NEVER drive and for failure to provide proof of insurance when, in fact, my insurance card for my Grand Prix is always in my wallet. Apparently responsibility only gets you so far as to when you have to rely on other people to be responsible too.

Hi, my name is Courtney, I'm 23, a college graduate, and living at home with my parents.

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