Saturday, December 20, 2008

Home again...

So I'm back home in good 'ol Sioux Falls after the most stressful three weeks I've ever experienced (in relation to school and other things). All in all, I wrote over 100 pages in papers, 4 presentations, and still had to endure finals week on top of that. Additionally, the stupid allocated organization budget failed the first time around (after I spent the day prior in a 7 hour meeting making the budget), so I spent over 30 hours working on Student Senate stuff. If I made it to bed before 4AM, it was a good night. With all of this being said, Christmas Break is really really really needed.

This break will be filled with.....not much of anything. And that's for a reason. I need a mental vacation. I will be working on filling out my Truman application (VU is really pushing me to do this) and hopefully reading a book or two to clear my head. But I'm mostly planning on working out, working on my relationship with God, hanging out with good friends, and probably drinking. I probably shouldn't mention God and drinking in the same sentence...

I've made some pretty shady decisions over the past month and I'm not sure how I feel about it. So, goal #1 for break is to figure out why I chose to do such unmentioned things and figure how I'm going to change things for the future. This is why I love starting new semesters. This is my chance to start over. Three semesters left. Woo!

Goal #2 is to figure out a roundabout way to answer the question: "So where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years?" I hate that question, because I DON'T KNOW. What's so wrong with not knowing? But for the sake of my parents, advisors, and the deans at VU...I'm working on it.

Goal out tons. I'm not going to elaborate on the usual 21-year-old female tirade of "I'm too fat," because that's not what I think....I just feel better when I'm on a more consistent work out schedule. And a good tone-up every now and then is good for a person.

Goal #4...figure out my summer plans. I have no job offers, but I haven't started looking yet either. I don't even know what I see myself doing for the summer. Ugh.

Goal #5...enjoy every minute of Christmas.

Goal #6...get drunk and go tubing at Great Bear with great friends.

With that...I'm off.


*on the first day of christmas break, my hometown sent to me...a blizzard and frigid temperatures.*