Friday, January 22, 2010's about that time again...

I should really just deactivate this whole blog. Not only do I NEVER update, but I feel that I don't have too many interesting things to say.

However, I decided today that I am going to [attempt] to send people letters in the mail. I think there's something romantic/nostalgic about it...and I'm gonna bring the trend back. Plus, I never get any interesting mail...the thing I look forward to the most is Netflix and the Economist (and no, I'm not 70...just trying to get smart, that's all...), so a response back would be the most exciting thing in my life since who knows when. That's probably not true...

In other news, I got my car back today and it feels like new. I should get in accidents that aren't my fault more often. But only with insured drivers, preferably...because the lack of insurance on the other party's part was just plain obnoxious and pretty annoying.

Also...I'm flying to San Diego on the 4th to visit a friend from home who goes to school out there. I'm really excited. And this makes me sound like a 12 year old, but I haven't told my parents yet. I'm sure they wouldn't care that much [maybe...], but they would just say that I have a spending problem. Which is true. I won't deny. I can hear it now: "Shouldn't you be saving for Germany?" Yeah, yeah....I'll tell them eventually. Maybe when I'm boarding the plane.

Graduation is looming. I'm super grateful to have a job's hard to see friends stress out over applying to school/jobs. I wish there was more I could do to help them...just pray I suppose! But I do feel very lucky.

On a final and incredibly random note, something happened to me for the first time last night. Can't really provide any more details than that. Just pray for me?