Friday, February 4, 2011

Because Valentine's Day is approaching...

I thought it would be appropriate to write a little something about love. Now, this isn't going to be overly philosophical. I promise not to quote Plato, Aristotle, or C.S. Lewis. My college days are long behind me...I even wrote my honor's thesis on love. But alas, philosophy and other intelligent thought can wait for another day.

Most people reading this probably know that I am single. Yes, I said it. Out loud. In a public arena. I am single, and moderately okay with this. I'm 23, happy with my new job, and excited to get my career started. A relationship just isn't happening for me, at the moment. However, I must clarify that I'm not saying that I'm hopeless and/or destined to be alone forever (or, at least, I'm not saying that today, but maybe tomorrow). But a recent Facebook post from my Grandma Wagenaar (my materal grandmother) made me think that yes, indeed, I do want to get married.

Let me explain.

Grandma posted some old school, "The Others"-esque photos of my great grandparents. I wish I could draw a family tree in this blog post, but I'll try to explain with words. Keep in mind, that this is all on my mom's side of the family. So there's me, my mom, my grandparents Gayle and Carolyn, Grandpa Gayle's parents (Andrew and Lena Wagenaar), and Grandma Carolyn's parents (Kenneth and Jeanette DeNoble). All of my great-grandparents have now passed away. I never met Grandpa Andrew (my mom didn't either) and only met Grandma Lena when I was super young. Grandma and Grandpa DeNoble both passed away my sophomore year in college...but they were both a blessing to have in my life. my point!

Both sets of great-grandparents shared the same anniversary, February 1st. If they were still alive, G&G DeNoble would have been married 71 years. Picture below. Seriously, so adorable.G&G Wagenaar would have been married 75 years!!

I was talking to my mom about this, and 71-75 years of marriage is so hard to imagine. But it's such a great thing to hope for. There's nothing I desire more than to live a life that fulfills God's ultimate purpose for all of us. And I think these long, committed marriages are exactly what God has in mind for many of us.

But, in the meantime, I'll be spending my Valentine's Day wishing I was at a party like this: and probably eating some chocolate, or Ben & Jerry's. What else is a single lady supposed to do?!