Friday, September 10, 2010

Adventures into Fall: Real Life Style.

Well...classes have started again. Except I'm not taking any, which is pretty bizarre. After years and years of going to school, it's strange to not have a class-oriented schedule that's oddly comforting. However, I am very thankful that I haven't had too much time to think about it as I'm staying busy at the campaign. In summers past (2008 and 2009 in particular), I had become so involved in the campaigns I was working on at the time, I didn't want to go back to Valpo. So now I have the unique opportunity of actually finishing out a campaign...which is pretty exciting for me!

That being said, I won't be able to return to Valpo for Homecoming, which is disappointing. It's just too far of a drive for such a short period of time during a busy campaign weekend. Fortunately, I've been lucky to spend occasional weekends with friends, either here in Sioux Falls or in Minneapolis! I've been to Target Field (twice!), had Abby come up for the weekend (twice!), and even had tons of Valpo people here in SF for Charli and Drew's wedding at the end of July. And there have been occasional days when high school friends have traveled home for the it's been great catching up with them too! But I still miss all of my underclassmen friends, so I'm hoping to make it out to Valpo post-election but pre-Thanksgiving. So brace yourself!

Speaking of post-election, I'm starting to get questions about what my plans are after November. be honest, I'm trying to not have plans. I'm waiting for a certain indication from a certain politician before moving forward with anything else. I did turn down a DC job, which was one of the toughest decisions I've had to make up until this point. I would have been working with people I love, for somebody that inspires me, and in a city that I cherish...but it just didn't feel right. After lots of prayers, sleepless nights, and conversations with close friends, family, and co-workers, I said "thanks, but no thanks," and have continued to work here in SF. Some people call me crazy, but those who know me best, know that I'm confident and comfortable with my decision, which is ultimately the most important factor.

Another new career development in my life is that I've been looking at pursuing my Masters of Education in Teaching. There's no doubt that I love politics and the political process, but I think that can trickle down into different arenas as well. So I would also love to teach government/history at the high school or middle school level. Since I didn't major in education at Valpo, this Master's program would not only allow me to earn a post-grad degree, but would also grant me my teacher certification. This program would start next fall (plus it's online and night class based = super flexible!), so I have some time to wait and see what happens with my current job and where that could potentially lead. But I know that I would be comfortable pursuing the teaching path as things are looking up!

In other (definitely more personal) news, I've dropped 20 pounds in 5 weeks! I've just really wanted to get rid of the weight I gained from eating El Amigo and drinking too much in I'll probably look different to most of you by the time you see me next! It's not something I want to boast about, but it is something I'm proud of and it's something I want to be honest about.

On that note, I really don't have anything else to thanks to all my loyal followers for reading my quarterly updates...and I hope all is well with you too :)

I also turn 23 next week. Ugh.


Amy said...

Wow, Courtney! Good for you on so many levels. I think the teaching path is a great decision, but I'm partial...

Also, 20 pounds!?! Holy. How'd you do it? That's exactly the amount of baby-weight I am still carrying. Interested in personal training?

Enjoy being out of school. Really.

courtneyheitkamp said...

Haha yeah I'm excited about the teaching path too, Amy! And as far as the 20 pounds are concerned, I lost them using the Ideal Protein diet (and absolutely no exercise besides an occasional walk here and there). It's not cheap, but I'm seeing quick results so I think of it as more of an "investment." I go to Ideal Weigh (by Embrace at 69th and Cliff) and I'm sure they'd give you more information if you're interested! But I'm sure you look great :)

Koach said...

I'd say if your thinking of being coming a teacher tried substitute teaching when you have free time. You can see what's its like in the school environment and pick up a paycheck. I sub at the H.S. I graduated from and it changed my perspective on the teachers that taught my and my friends.